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All of the braces used at Center for Dental Health are state-of-the-art. By combining modern, highly-efficient technologies with traditional skill and expertise, patients enjoy shorter appointments, more time between visits, and less time in treatment. Your time is valuable; we recognize that.

There are a variety of orthodontic technologies currently employed at Center for Dental Health.

Metallic braces are the most familiar type. We utilize some of the smallest brackets available for your comfort.

Ceramic or "tooth-colored" brackets bond onto the outside surfaces of your teeth, similar to conventional braces. Their clear or natural color gives them a less noticeable, "camouflaged" look.

We also offer Invisalign®, which is the "invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces."




 Orthodontic, Braces Before Photo, Crowding

 Orthodonitic, Braces After Photo

 Orthodontics, Braces Deep Bite Before Photo

 Orthodontics, Braces Deep Bite After Photo

 Orthodontic, Braces Crowding Before Photo

 Orthodontics, Braces Crowding After Photo