Meet the Staff



I enjoy talking with our patients and families. Since starting with the practice, in 1982, I’ve made many wonderful friendships and treasure those connections. It’s great to strengthen those bonds and create new ones each day. I greet and check in patients, update their records, and enter payments. I also handle scheduling and work with patients on financial agreements.

When not working at the Center for Dental Health, I enjoy the company of my children, family, and friends.


Office Manager

Our patients are some of the most wonderful people in the world. I enjoy our conversations and look forward to seeing their smiles! I’ve been part of the Center for Dental Health since 1996. I welcome patients, help them schedule visits, and handle filing their insurance claims. I am also in charge of our accounts receivable and payable.

Outside of work I’m a volunteer EMT and firefighter.


Dental Assistant

I really like getting to know our patients on a personal level and hearing about their lives and families. I joined our team in 2006, having started in the field in 1988, and know this is the best practice. I set-up operatories, then I seat patients, prepare them for their procedures, and take X-rays and alginate impressions. I also provide chairside assistance and handle lab work.

Much of my time off is spent with my son: he is my life. I also enjoy camping and boating.


Dental Hygienist

I’m happy to partner with each of my patients, helping them improve their oral and overall health. I joined the practice in 1975, left for eight years, and returned in 1996. It’s a great feeling to be caring for some of the same people and their children! I clean teeth, examine the mouth for signs of dental disease, and teach patients about dental hygiene. Seeing a clean smile at a recall visit makes my day!

I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother. I love sports, motorcycling, photography, travel, and yoga. I’m also a volunteer with Lake County Ohio’s Fight Against Heroin, raising awareness about addiction and reaching out to addicts with resources and support.


Dental Assistant

I look forward to patient visits: it’s fun to hear what’s happening in their lives. I became part of the Center for Dental Health family in 2012 and am glad to be here! Working in our clinic I seat patients, prepare them to see the doctor, and explain what we’ll be doing. Sitting chairside, I assist the doctor with the procedure while making sure our patient is comfortable.

I have a side job, in addition to being a dental assistant: I decorate cakes!


Dental Hygienist

I love spending time talking with patients. It’s a good feeling to get to know each on a personal level while helping their mouth become cleaner and healthier! I’ve been working here since 1995: we’re a big family and our patients are part of that. I screen patients for oral cancer, take X-rays, clean their teeth, and teach them how to care for their smiles.

My favorite hobby is spending time with my family! I’m happily married and have two very energetic boys.


Dental Hygienist

I love being part of so many families’ lives. I’ve been at the Center for Dental Health since 1982 and am caring for some of the same people, and now their children and grandchildren, as when I started! I work one-to-one with patients, helping each attain their healthiest smile. By teaching people how to keep their mouth clean and healthy, they’re able to keep that smile for life!

I’ve been married for 30 years and have two grown sons, Dan and Bryan. I also have a German shepherd, Gus. I’m active in my church and national ski patrol and enjoy hiking and spending time in my yard.


Orthodontic Coordinator and Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

I love being part of a great team, where we help people improve their dental health and their smiles. I joined the team in 1999 and immediately knew I’d found my professional family. I provide chairside assistance, helping the doctors while supporting patients during dental and orthodontic procedures. I also assist with restorative work.

My favorite times, when not working, are spent with my husband and son. We spend as much time outside as possible. I’m also a big Cleveland sports fan.


Dental Assistant and Receptionist

I always pay attention to our patients’ comfort level: I want each to know they’re in a safe space and that we provide comfortable dental care. I started with the Center for Dental Health in 1984 and love the friendships I’ve made. Working in the clinic, I assist our doctors while supporting patients. I also work in the front office, checking patients in and out, answering phones, scheduling visits, and helping patients with insurance matters.

My time off is spent with family and friends. I’ve been married for 30 years and have a daughter as well as a dog, Bocci. I love to travel!


Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary

I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories. We serve a diverse community and I learn a lot from talking with and listening to our patients. I started working in the dental field in 1985 and found my professional home here in 1988. I work closely with doctors and patients, restoring teeth and creating wonderful smiles.

Outside the office, I enjoy being with my family and my three cats. I also work in the Real Estate field and am involved with Eastlake Community Cats.

Nicole J.

Dental Assistant

I’m a people-person and love spending time talking and laughing with our patients. It’s a great feeling to help people feel comfortable and at home at the dentist! I joined the Center for Dental Health in 2008 and love how everyone is focused on our patients’ wellbeing. Working in the clinic, I assist the doctors with a range of dental procedures and support our patients at the same time.

When not working, I enjoy running, biking, and swimming. I have two wonderful children, an amazing dog, and an awesome husband, too! I’m active in my church and love helping at health fairs.

Nicole P.

Dental Assistant

I love being part of a practice where our doctors and team go above and beyond to make sure every patient receives the best care. I started in the dental field in 2012 and joined this practice in 2016. I’m enjoying getting to know our patients and learning who they are. I setup and stock the operatories, sterilize instruments, and make sure the doctor has everything needed to care for our patients. I also track inventory and stock.

My free time usually involves being with my family, including my younger sister and my dog, Daisy. I enjoy helping my grandparents run their restaurant, love arts and crafts, and like working on new projects and being outdoors.


Office Manager

I enjoy helping patients and making sure they feel at ease in our office, so they know they are welcome and in a supportive space. After starting in the dental field in 1982, I joined the Center for Dental Health in 1994 and know this is the best practice! I oversee all departments, schedule the team, and make sure our daily schedule runs smoothly. I also troubleshoot any issues and handle insurance coordination.

Outside of work, I’m a bit of a foodie who enjoys crafts and loves to travel. I’ve been married for 35 years and have three children and grandchildren: time with them is a priority and I love watching each grow and change!


Dental Hygienist

I am so happy to work closely with patients, helping each of them achieve the beautifully clean and healthy smile they deserve. I’ve been part of the Center for Dental Health since 2001 and am honored by the friendships that have grown with patients. I clean teeth and teach patients about home dental hygiene. I also clean the treatment rooms, stock supplies, and assist with scheduling.

My personal time is spent with my family. I’m married and have two young daughters, Madalynn and Natalie, and a family dog, Madison, too. I enjoy the outdoors, especially jogging, and love family camping trips and vacations.